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            Service Advantages

            ①Strong spare parts reserves, anytime, anywhere can solve the problem of equipment

            Kunya invested heavily in the integration of international and domestic spare parts, spare parts suppliers , global procurement channels,many kinds of spare parts, data code management, has several spare parts warehouse, let partners timely solve the problem of demand

            ②Excellent service but low prices, spike industry competitors

            Kunya has?strong technical team, the service is more considerate than the original factory, price is lower?than the original factory, create value for customers, that customers enjoy the quality of service, is our long-cherished wish.

            ③ Quickly response service, long-term service commitment wins people|s hearts

            In the country set up branch offices and technical service points, for equipment maintenance problems, so that quickly respond to services, high efficiency, has a good reputation in the unit of good cooperation.

            ④ a number of patents in hand, technical support is guaranteed

            Kunya received eleven medical maintenance industry patents, and the results of innovation are used in practice, improve the technical level, increase customer satisfaction.

            ⑤ advanced systems, low risk

            Kunya|s medical equipment remote diagnosis system, provides early warning and protection, to keep?aware of the operation of the equipment, improve the overall operation rate of equipment, extend equipment life

            Together with Kunya, create a better future

            Shanghai Kunya, is committed to becoming the country's largest medical equipment service provider

            Cooperation Case

            Cooperation Case

            ———— 9 years of technique;

            ———— A number of joint ventures in the country;

            ———— Multiple sole agents;

            ———— Rich experience in hospital service;

            Remote diagnosis system

            Online diagnostic platform of medical equipment based on Internet of Things and Big Data

            Early warning and maintenance

            Keep abreast of equipment operation information

            Fully improve the equipment operation rate

            Extended equipment life

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