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            Warranty service

            Site emergency repair services, maintenance time is not limited;

            Regular or irregular annual equipment maintenance services;

            7 * 24 hours of professional and technical 400 team consulting, guidance services;

            Provide free training services for customers;

            Free maintenance for required accessories;

            Ensure the normal image quality, performance indicators are same as  the indicators provided by manufacturer after repair.

            And ensure equipment is in the normal running state;

            Other types of contract equipment required services.

            Technical maintenance

            Server host maintenance(dust cleaning and cooling fan status view)

            Syngo backup, database grooming

            The bed horizontal and vertical mechanical motion dedusting and lubrication

            Frame cooling air inlet filter replacement

            Frame cooling fan view and dust clean

            Frame internal dust cleaning and rotating parts lubrication

            Bulb cooling heat sink cleaning

            View and change carbon brush state

            Water Scaling、Air calibration

            Installation and commissioning

            1、Provide room program

            2、Prepare the installation conditions

            3、Equipment transportation

            4、Equipment installation

            5、Equipment adjustment

            6、Confirm the technical indicators and performance

            7、Record device status

            Equipment transfer


            Provide transfer program


            Prepare transfer conditions


            Disassembly and transportation of equipment


            Reinstall equipment


            Equipment adjustment according to the manufacturer standard


            Confirm the technical indicators and performance


            Record device status

            Image department services package

            Provide maintenance services for entire departments, such as video department

            Ensure the annual operation rate of equipment to 95% or more

            Free maintenance for spare parts

            24-hour technical service hotline

            Overall device hosting service

            Overall device hosting service for all the domestic and foreign equipment in the hospital.

            Hospital integrated medical equipment trusteeship service


            Services include

            ① Equipment services: asset registration, information recording, contract execution, life cycle, status description and related reports;

            ② Service usage: status evaluation, operation training, unused usage rate and related reports;

            ③ Maintenance services: preventive maintenance, equipment inspection, equipment physical examination, equipment classification and related reports;

            ④ Maintenance services: preventive maintenance, forward-looking maintenance, troubleshooting, inspection before and after maintenance, on-line repair, on-site maintenance and related reports;

            ⑤ Spare parts Service: spare machine / spare parts supply, spare machine / spare parts management, spare machine / spare parts inspection, maintenance, purchasing record, replacement record and related reports;

            ⑥ Value-added services: reasonable allocation of equipment, reasonable use of idle equipment, equipment, clinical utilization, etc.;

            ⑦ Quality control: equipment quality control and risk management;

            ⑧ Other services: other services required by the hospital.


            What about hosting - kunya

            • 1 Reduce the cost of expenses
              The cost of hospital maintenance is 10% lower;
            • 2 Improve the utilization rate of clinical equipment
              Overall lifting equipment boot and emergency / life support equipment;
            • 3 Save equipment management manpower cost
              Incorporate existing personnel into the new system and assume all costs;
            • 4 Extend the service life of equipment
              Through preventive service, equipment life is prolonged, equipment benefit is maximized;
            • 5 Establishment of hospital medical equipment management system
              According to the measures for the supervision and administration of medical device use quality, relevant systems and records shall be established and 2 free online systems shall be provided;
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